Lucy Ratcliffe


“I, and my colleagues (and we’ve discussed it), had a great two days; in my twenty working years have yet to experience a session incorporating intellectual, emotional and practical aspects of my life – extraordinary. For much of the weekend I was lost deep thought and reflection; I’m already trying to make changes.”
– Sales Director, the world’s most admired technology firm

Lucy Ratcliffe

Lucy spent the first ten years of her career as a professional actress. Highlights include writing and performing a one woman show for Kenneth Branagh’s Theatre Company and being part of the Olivier Award-winning Spanish Golden Age season at the Gate Theatre in London, directed by Steven Daldry.

In 2005, she became involved in the pioneering Elite Coach Programme for UK Sport, an initiative designed to develop the most talented and successful coaches working in all sporting disciplines into gold medal-winning coaches, and to help them become the next generation of leaders. She’s developed projects with the gold medal-winning British Equestrian and Cycling Teams, and worked alongside world class coaches such as Yogi Breisner (Head Coach of the British Equestrian Team), and Chris Boardman and Tim Foster from British Rowing.

Since joining IDOLOGY in 1996 Lucy has developed dynamic relationships with CEOs and senior business leaders in corporations all over the world, designed and delivered high-potential talent programmes for American Express, BP and Sainsbury’s, and is simultaneously consulting many of our clients on corporate culture, resulting in accolades not only for us but for them.

Anna Jones


“I can honestly say that in nearly 25 years working in the City this was the best course on personal development I have ever attended. I feel very privileged to have experienced the impact someone can have who’s at the top of their game, which you clearly are. It will be long lasting.”– Managing Director, Northern Trust

Anna Jones

Anna is one of the three founding partner’s of IDOLOGY and has spent the past seventeen years building and developing the philosophy, the brand and our client relationships.

“Thank you Anna so much, you are a true master, open, genuine and perceptive. I loved the two days and all the inputs and stimulus. I began the meeting today with my presentation and didn’t even feel nervous. Afterwards they said I was like a different person, authoritative, succinct and convincing! I actually enjoyed presenting for the first time in my life, a bit of a miracle has happened – I can’t thank you enough. I will be recommending you to all of my colleagues! Director, BSkyB

Anna is a development consultant to several leading financial institutions and an indispensable coach to the many who’ve been inspired by her. She works from a place of curiosity rather than judgment and offers an opinion based on her dual vantage points of commercial understanding and human insight.

“Anna is a person endowed both with a strong IQ as well as an empathetic approach to the human condition.  As such, she can stand up to the strongest egos, while never coming across as patronizing.  She is at her best with strong, highly accomplished individuals who recognise that they don’t know everything and can benefit from Anna’s experience and insight. Anna was particularly astute in distilling my personality and equipping me with the interpersonal skills and communication techniques necessary to achieve my leadership goals.” Global Head of Fixed Income, Axa Investment Managers

Between acquiring a degree in Experimental Psychology and spending a number of years in the Equities Division at Goldman Sachs, Anna was a tour guide in Germany, a ski rep in Canada, and a cattle musterer in outback Australia, all of which enable her to bring a rich, eclectic and empathetic perspective to her work.

Katie Casey


“Katie was amazing. It’s not often I attend a coaching session and am blown away by it and think, ‘that couldn’t be any better.’ This was one of those rare times and I not only enjoyed myself immensely but came away feeling inspired and re focused. Thank you.”
– Creative Exec, Turner Broadcasting

Katie Casey

Katie spent 10 years working as an artist of Physical Theatre and Choreography, creating work for, amongst others, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and The Welsh National Opera. After completing training in Sivananda Yoga in India, she decided to dedicate her career to coaching individuals in a number of fields and became a member of the IDology team in 2004. Since then she has worked towards a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, won a British Independent Film award, and now as Director and Partner at IDology, is also in charge of Creative Brand Development and Design.

Katie is one of our most creative and original minds. Through Presence, Impact and Communication specialties, Katie’s warmth, wit and disarmingly unpretentious style, has made her a firm favourite not only on our speeches circuit but with clients alike.

Katie Account Manages and coaches top executives from the world of Television and Media and is a consultant for clients such as Topshop, Viacom, Time Warner, NAS, and Fishburn Hedges to name but a few. For these, she has helped design and deliver large-scale portfolio programmes and high potential talent initiatives.

Coaching with a style steeped in the traditions of Behaviourism, Humanistic and Solution-Focused traditions, for over 14 years now, she has helped some of our most dynamic of clients find their own unique voice.

Corinna Powlesland


“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced these sessions, and for the expertise and care with which they were led. I learnt more about myself in two days than I have been able to work out in thirty-five years!!! Learning about each other has been transformational in the way we interact as a team.”
– Managing Director, KPMG

Corinna Powlesland

Corinna has been a part of the team at IDOLOGY since 2000 and began her career here as our resident voice specialist. Like many of our team she draws on her artistic expertise as a working actress and singer to help our clients combine the art of finding an authentic voice with the very specific techniques she’s perfected in the acting world. Authentic performance is no oxymoron, and Corinna proves it every time she teaches a class, with her energy, expertise, drive and just-swallowed-a-lightbulb glow. She’s the kind of confident that infects you with your own, and has made a serious impact on some of our most serious clients, both culturally and commercially.

Hal Strickland


“I cannot tell you the impact you had on me. You told us you love words, and I hung on every last one of yours. You were so kind, yet so relentless, in helping us to discover what it was that held us back from being the best we could be. Thank you!”
– Sales Director, Cosmetics Corporation.

Hal Strickland

A native Southerner, Hal has lived and thrived in New York for over 20 years after Columbia University and its diversity drew him to the wonders of the Big Apple.
 With an MFA in creative writing, he has written and produced many short plays and also writes substantially about golf and golf course design for an array of publications (by late summer he sports a three handicap). His love for language and character brings a literary edge to his workshops, and his intuition and understanding of people bring a depth and commitment to personal transformation.

Hal’s clients include several of the top ten Wall Street investment banks, ESPN and Weight Watchers. He works mainly with senior executives who need to take their presentation and leadership skills from competent to spectacular.